When I started the Bonfonti job in Yorba Linda, Jeannie, the stay at home wife was sure to lock every door, every time I spoke with her. Toward the end of the job, Jeannie one day yelled, “I’m going out for a while, keep an eye on Victoria.” Victoria was a teenager, but still…. Since that moment, I have viewed trust in a new way. “I am in their home, their comfort zone.” Though I am welcomed in homes to do my work, the number one priority for most customers is job completion.

“If I see it, others will too.” Everyone looks at craftsmanship, and everyone appreciates clean, neat work. Quality work equals value for many people. Second to earning another’s trust, quality work is the most gratifying part of my job. It’s more than just a clean finish. It’s knowing that dust barriers are sealed, floors are protected, and job sites are safe, secure and clean. Being most involved in structural framing for the past 15 years, I enjoy knowing that what will ultimately be covered has the same integrity as the finishes that will be viewed and used for ages.

We all want the best products and services for the best price. From those who want top quality products at any cost, to those that are working on a tight budget, communication and planning is key. Many decisions have to be made through out a building or remodeling process. From wall layout, to finish plumbing fixtures, to paint colors, and everything in between. With my design and supply resources, experience aids me in narrowing down which products and materials will matter most in the long run.

“I believe a good experience should be had by all”.

Neal B. Burgess